Seaway Trail Honey
          "Sweetening Traditions"
                with handcrafted
artisan honey
                          ----always pure & natural
A small honeybee apiary on the historic Seaway Trail, by Lake Ontario, NY,
featuring "Honey through the Seasons",
harvested from apple blossom, basswood/linden tree blossom, wildflowers, to the robust goldenrod Fall honey.

Unpasteurized, raw, no chemicals, Kosher certified
To ensure purity & quality, I sell honey gathered only from my bees at the farm.

Awards & Distinctions

* Best of Show : Honey, New York State Fair
* Best of Show Reserve : Honey, New York State Fair
* Blue Ribbons (3) : Honey, New York State Fair
* Blue Ribbons (3), Eastern Apicultural Society
* Black Jar Award (blind taste test) : Judged the best tasting honey East of the Mississippi, Eastern Apicultural Society

* Honeycomb and Honey served at the 2013 Presidential Inauguration Luncheon, Washington DC

Honored to have Seaway Trail Honey served at the
 2013 Presidential Inaugural Luncheon in Washington DC!

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Judged Best Honey in New York State

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Say "YES" to pure Honey, support the
Standard of Identity for Honey in New York State


Project Director of the USDA funded program to educate New York beekeepers
                                   Please donate to this beneficial grassroots educational 501c3

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